Threshold of Light

by Judivan Roots

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5 heavy groove, vibe monster tracks lead by "Vibrations" into the fan favorite "Blazing Arrow". "Double Skank" has smooth harmonies swimming through the foundational bass and bubble. "Jahsey"'s 8 minute dub journey still seems too short.


released May 14, 2016

Recorded at Zinc Media by Damian Rodriguez



all rights reserved


Judivan Roots San Antonio, Texas

Judivan Roots has been a relentless echoing spirit in the San Antonio reggae scene since 2012. Harley(guitar/vox), Kevin(bass), Jeremiah(drums/vox/keys), Sunny(keys/sax) have since kept TX Roots Rock Reggae a solid foundation combining heavy drum and bass to create vintage psychedelic dub. Clubs to Festivals, shared billing with Kabbaka Pyramid, The Steppas, Katchafire, Cultura Profetica, Gyptian. ... more

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Track Name: Vibrations
Come Now Come and Feel This Vibration
I Can Tell That You Need It, Right Now
We Gonna Give You What You Need
So let Cha Roots Run Deep Yea

It's Comin From Every Which Way
And Babylon Neva Cease Alla Dem Wicked Games
We Have No Time to Waste
Hold A Steady Pace, Movin Inna Di Riget Mental State... One Way
When Alla Di Pressure Come and Get All in Mi Brain,
Shown No Truth, All Di False Claims Deh Ah Sey,
Then Reach For Mi Hi Grade, Give Jah Jah Praise, An Give Thanx
For Anotha Day....

I Wanna Feel Tha Riddim
When I Hear That Reggae Sound, Gets Me High
High Off Tha Ground, Let Tha Music
Take A Hold, You Know You Can't Let Go

Move Ya Body, Wind Your Waist
Even If Ya Take It Slow
Hold It Steady, Steady Vibrations
Liven Up Tha Vibes When We
Comin Through
Track Name: Blazing Arrow
Mi Nah Gon Whan Tah Kill A Voice
For Fyah Blazin Arrows, Creepin Thru
Tha Shadows Yeh Dem Hafta Mek
A Choice Tah Walk Up In Tha Light
Or Avoid Tha Voice Thas Speaking

Cuz I've Done Seen All Of These Stresses
In Your Life An How They Taken Negatively
To Your Mind And, Searchin For Jah Love/Jah Light,
Yah Kno Its Ri There
Deep Inside Your Soul


Dem Say Its All A Part of Lyfe
Tah Plant Tha Seed And Wait For
Tha Rootz Tah Spread So Deeply
So Onward In Da Light, We Got
To Take Control Of cour Destiny

Track Name: Know Thyself
What Is Tha Reason For Life
With Those Chains That Encage Your Soul
We Gotta Move Towards Tha Light
Don't strain, you Betta Take Control

You Run & Hide From Your Life
You Can't Escape What's Inside
Dreams We Invision Become Reality
We Are Tha Ones Tha Can Set Us Free

Just Be Tru To Yourself & You Will See
That Tru Wealth Comes From Within Your Being
Love Every Day Just Life It Was Your last
And Kno The Worst Parts Already In Tha Past
Ever Forward Never Backward With Dis Life
Nothing Good Came Without Any Sacrifice
Be Good To Yourself & Tha Life That You Lead
Jah Guide And Provide For Everything

Realize We Choose Our Own Path
We Work Hard to Succeed
Some Have It Better, Some Worse
In This Life There's No Guarantee
It's Time For A change/Have 2 Rearrange
Do You Feel The Vibes Around You
Simple and Plain/Have to Keep It Sane

Stay True To Tha Fyah Burning inside You
Track Name: Double Skank
When You Come Around, You Mek
Mi Feel So Atrocious....
With These Vybez You Be Bringin Here
What Is Your Intention?
I kno You mean Me No Harm
So Tell Me Please
Why'd You Hafta Leave Mi Dis Way
Just When I prayed, For You To Find
Ah New Situation For Double Skankin Me
An Not Believing Me When I Say
Burnin My Fyah Down

An Every Time I Try An Look Away You Say
You Need Me In Some Way, Shape, Or Form
An Baby Girl For Mi Ta Turn Away Just Ain't
So Easy, So What Am I To Do?
Every Time Ya Leave I Can't Help
But Think And Wonder, Where'd All Your
Money Go? An Try To Run An Leave
But Didn't Have Any Soul
Baby Girl Was Trouble, Flex It On The Double...
With Rude Intention

But She just Needs To Go and Leave Me Be yea
Burnin My Fyah Down